William Leuchtenburg

William E. Leuchtenburg, a former William Rand Kenan Professor of History at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, is the author of In the Shadow of FDR: From Harry Truman to Bill Clinton.

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What Makes Arthur Tick?

A Life in the Twentieth Century: Innocent Beginnings, 1917-1950 , Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. Houghton Mifflin, 557 pages, $28.95. I first met Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., 54 years ago at the founding convention of Americans for Democratic Action (ADA) in Washington, D.C. I was dazzled by the array of notables in attendance--from Eleanor Roosevelt to the young mayor of Minneapolis, Hubert Humphrey--and even in that goodly company no one could doubt that Schlesinger, barely 29, was regarded as one of the elite. To a degree, that did not strike me as surprising. Among my fellow graduate students at Columbia, he was an awesome figure. While we were struggling to pass our Ph.D. oral exams, he had already written two books. Little, Brown had published his Harvard senior thesis on the nineteenth-century thinker and activist Orestes Brownson in 1939, when Schlesinger was only 21; and in The New York Times Book Review , my mentor at Columbia, Henry Steele Commager, had pronounced it "masterly."...