Steve Early

Steve Early is a labor organizer and journalist in Massachusetts.

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Solidarity Sometimes

Coalitions across the Class Divide: Lessons from the Labor, Peace, and Environmental Movements , by Fred Rose. Cornell University Press, 253 pages, $17.95. Taking History to Heart: The Power of the Past in Building Social Movements , by James Green. University of Massachusetts Press, 352 pages, $19.95. In May of 1970, hundreds of flag-waving New York City construction workers--egged on by labor officials linked to the Nixon administration--attacked a crowd of antiwar demonstrators on Wall Street. As played up by the media, it became an encounter emblematic of the Vietnam era--a battle of political stereotypes in which hard hats showed their hatred of long-hairs, "patriots" were provoked by "kooks," and real-life Archie Bunkers railed against a whole generation of spoiled "meathead" college kids. In some middle-class circles, the incident tarnished the image of unions for a long time afterward. Nearly 30 years later, however, news reports from Seattle presented a different picture of...