Mirra Levitt

Mirra Levitt was an intern at The American Prospect during the summer of 2000.

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Bush is a Little Too RANDy

Although Laura Bush's speech at the GOP convention dealt more with daughters and dolls than politics, Mrs. Bush did make a foray into policy to trumpet her husband's record on education. "The highly respected nonpartisan RAND study released just last week found that education reforms in Texas have resulted in some of the highest achievement gains in the country among all racial, socioeconomic, and family backgrounds," she told the crowd in Philadelphia. "It happened because George led the way, focusing ... schools' attention on reading." Suddenly, the RAND study was everywhere, touted on the Bush campaign Web site, in press releases, and by Newt Gingrich on ABC's This Week . The RAND study--authored by researcher David Grissmer and based on National Assessment of Education Practices (NAEP) tests administered in 44 states between 1990 and 1996--does report that Texas is a leading state, both in terms of raw scores and score improvement rates. Most notably, when comparing students with...