Martin Carnoy

Martin Carnoy, a professor of education at Stanford University, is the author of Sustaining the New Economy: Work, Family, and Community in the Information Age.

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Do School Vouchers Improve Student Performance?

W ith George W. Bush's assumption of the presidency, a campaign to provide vouchers for private schooling may gain new life. The idea of public funding of private schools is not new, nor does it belong exclusively to conservative free market reformers. In the 1960s and early 1970s, academics on the left, such as Christopher Jencks of Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government , argued that vast differences between the quality of public schooling for inner-city blacks and suburban whites could not be resolved within the structure of a residentially segregated public-education system. Jencks argued for a policy concept introduced by economist Milton Friedman more than a decade earlier. Friedman proposed to offer public funds to families that could only be used for education, but in any educational institution, public or private. Such "vouchers" would serve to give families increased choice about the kind of education their children received. Friedman saw vouchers as a way to...